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October 2017

"I Voted?" Information

Film Website and Trailer - Here
Film Facebook page - Here


Introduction and Welcome
* Info on tables

* Handout - future programs, get involved ideas, upcoming events, connection with our state
       elected legislators.
* Dan Lopresti - Professor of Computer Science and Engineering at Lehigh University
* Linda Harbrecht - Director of Communications at Lehigh University

Quotes - Here,   Here,   Here,   Here,   Here,   Here.

Video on Electronic Voting - First three minutes states the problem with electronic voting.

Documentary    - "I Voted?"  (75 minute) produced by Katie Couric

* Where does Pennsylvania stand in comparison to other states when it comes to election security?
* What groups in Pennsylvania and nationally are working on this problem?

* Why has voting/election security not been treated as the national security issue that it is?
* What improvements should we make in our electronic voting/election systems to insure the integrity of our democracy elections?


* Groups that are working on this topic are: Verified Voting,   National Election Defense Coalition,   Vote SmartBrad's Blog,   Show Me the Votes Foundation.
* List of videos and films on this topic.
* List of books on this topic.
* Book - Give Us the Ballot: The Modern Struggle for Voting Rights in America - Here (2)
* Website from Ari Berman
* Facebook page for Save Our Vote

* Article - Voting methods and equipment by the state.
* Article - Electronic Security is a Matter of National Security
* AP Article - Georgia Election Server Swiped After Suit Filed
* Map of type of equipment'
* Vote Smart videos - Here (4) and Here (5).
* Video on Electronic Hacking (3)


October 2016 - Fix It 2: The Crisis in Drug Prices

Program Synopsis:

Fix It 2: A Crisis in Drug Prices is a new documentary oin the cost of pharmaceuticals and money in politics from local executive producer Richard Master and local producer/director Vince Mondillo who brought you 'Fix It: Healthcare at the Tipping Point.

Welcome, Announcements, and Introductions!
Fix It 2: A Crisis in Drug Prices
Discussion with Vince Mondillo, director/producer of film

Related Videos:
Video - Why Are Prescription Drugs Expensive?
Video - The True Price of Prescription Drugs
Video - The High Cost of Prescription Drugs in the US
Video - AMA Calls for Ban on Prescription Drug Ads

Stay Informed and Get Involved:
Article - Is There a Cure for High Drug Prices? 

Article - Government-Protected 'Monopolies' Drive Drug Prices Higher, Study Says
Article - Big Pharma execs are the new robber barons
Article - Single-payer model is the only answer to outrageous price hikes
Article - Is Your Doctor on Big Pharma's Dole?

Website - Public Citizen on Drugs Policy Issues
Website - Healthcare Now
Website - Healthcare 4 All PA


October 2015 - Living Downstream

Program Synopsis:

Based on the acclaimed book by ecologist and cancer survivor Sandra Steingraber, Ph.D., Living Downstream is an eloquent and cinematic documentary film which follows Sandra during one pivotal year as she travels across North America, working to break the silence about cancer and its environmental links. 

Film Website:  - HERE and Trailer - HERE!

Film Resource Guide:  - HERE!

Program Videos:

* Welcome and Announcements!

* Toxic Chemicals and the Environment Images - HERE HERE - HERE - HERE - HERE 
* Healthy Child - Chemicals in the Environment - HERE! (3)
* Reform Needed within the FDA - HERE! (2)

* Poisoned Planet: Environmental Chemicals - HERE! (6)
* Feature Film "Living Downstream" on DVD (2010) (55)
* Change is Good - HERE! (3)
* What's Possible - HERE! (4)
*  Action for the month - Make Voter Registration Automatic in PA - Click HERE!

Related Videos:
* Parenting and Chemicals in the Environment with Sandra Steingraber - HERE! (2)
* Sandra Steingraber on The Whole Fracking Enchilada - HERE! (22)
* Our Stolen Future - Revisited 15 Years Later - HERE! (14)
* Bill Moyers interviews Sandra Steingraber on toxic chemicals - HERE! (46)

Ideas to Stay Informed, Get Involved, and Take Action on this issue!

Stay Informed: Articles and Books!
* Article - Cancer and Toxic Chemicals - HERE!
* Articles by Sandra Steingraber - HERE!
* Article -16 Cancer Causing Foods You Probably Eat Every Day - HERE!
* Article - Buzz Kill: As Corn Yields Rise, Bees are Dying Worldwide - HERE!
* Reform the FDA ideas - HERE!
* The 5 Stupidest Chemicals That Shouldn't be in Your House - HERE!
* Book - Living Downstream by Sandra Steingraber - HERE!

Get Involved: Websites for groups that are active on this issue!
* Natural Resources Defense Council - HERE!

* Center for Health, Environment and Justice - HERE!
* Food and Water Watch - HERE
Pa Food and Water Watch - HERE!
* Healthy Child Healthy World - HERE!
* Cancer and Environmental Health Websites - HERE!
* Physicians for Social Responsibility - HERE!

* The Breast Cancer Fund - HERE!


October 2014 - Priceless on Money in Politics

Program Synopsis:
PRICELE$$, a new documentary, is a filmmaker’s personal journey across America to answer a burning question: why are some of our government’s most basic policies, like food and energy, so out-of-date . . . and can anything be done about it? Sharing the suspicion of fellow-citizens, including a class of young civics students, that campaign money is involved, the filmmakers set out on a spellbinding — and at times hilarious — ride from rural America to the halls of Congress to find out more, because democracy is a precious resource. In fact, it’s PRICELE$$.

Program Videos:
* Bill Moyers Essay on Democracy for Dollars - HERE! (5)
* PRICELE$$ Documentary - HERE! (55)
* March for Democracy - HERE! (3)
* Music video "We Are The Many" by Makana - HERE! (6)

Film Website:
* PRICELE$$ Film Website - HERE!
* Pay 2 Play Documentary Website Solutions page - HERE!

Related Videos:

* Lawrence Lessig TED Talk on political reform - HERE! (14)
* The Money Lobby - HERE! (54)

* How Big Money and Big Media Undermine Democracy - HERE!- (32)
* Dan Cantor and Jonathan Soros on Saving Democracy from Big Money - 
HERE! (31)
* Bill Moyers Essay on the Sabotage of Democray - HERE! (7)
Trevor Potter on Big Money’s Election Effect - HERE! (21)
* Chris Hedges interviews Lawrence Lessig on Money in Politics - HERE! (18)

* About the Fair Elections Now Act - HERE!
* Gerrymandering Documentary - HERE! (77)

Ideas to Stay Informed, Get Involved, and Take Action on this issue!

Stay Informed: Articles and Books!

* Article - Why Ordinary Citizens Have No Say! - HERE!
* Article - US is an Oligarchy Not a Democray, says Scientific Study - HERE!

* Article - Fighting for a Legitimate Democracy, By, and For the People - HERE!
* Article - What Everyone Should Know About the DISCLOSE Act - HERE!
* Article - Do You Understand How US Tax Brackets Work? - HERE!
* Article - Fact Sheets about the Fair Elections Now Act - HERE and HERE!
* Article - Compulsory Voting - HERE!
* Article - Wikipedia on Compulsory Voting - HERE!
* Article - 7 Things to Know About Redistricting - HERE!

* Book - 'Dollarocracy: How the Money and Media Election Complex is Destroying America'                      Click HERE for interview with authors.
* Book - Corporations Are Not People by Jeffrey Clements - HERE!
* Book - The Rise of the American Corporate Security State by Beatrice Edwards - HERE!

* Book - Cornered: The New Monopoly Capitalism and the Economics of Destruction by
                   Barry Lynn (2014) Click HERE for C-Span interview.
* Book - 10 Steps to Repair American Democracy by Steven Hill. Click HERE for info.

Get Involved: Websites of groups that are active on this issue!
* Americans for Campaign Reform (HERE)
* Issue One (HERE)

* Public Citizen Money in Politics page - HERE!
* Public Campaign - HERE!
* Common Cause - HERE! Common Cause Pa - HERE!
* Brennan Center for Justice - HERE!
* Open Secrets - HERE!
* Center for Public Integrity - HERE!
* Campaign Legal Center - HERE!
* Follow the Money - HERE!

* Let's Free Congress - HERE!
* End Gerrymandering - HERE!
* Occucards: Educational Outreach Cards for Activists - HERE!

Take Action: Three Things You Can Do Now at the National Level!

1. Support the Disclose Act! Click HERE to read about the Disclose Act! Then click HERE to        email and/or call your Senators/Representatives to support the Disclose Act and expose        the hidden influence of corporate money.
2. Support the Fair Elections Now Act (FENA)! Click HERE for info about FENA
      and HERE for a video about FENA. Then click HERE to email and/or call your
      Senators/Representative to support the Fair Election Now Act.
3. Click HERE to read about 'Citizens United' and 'McCutcheon' rulings of the Supreme 
      Court, then click HERE to support a Common Cause petition to overturn Citizens United        and McCutcheon ruling with a constitutional amendment.

Take Action: Three Things You Can Do Now at the PA State Level!

1. Click HERE to read about PA Senate Bill 472 on campaign financing and then
       click HERE to call or email your PA Senator and ask them to support the bill.
2. Click HERE to read about Exposing Dark Money in PA and then click HERE to call or

        email your state senator/representative to ak them to support the idea.
3. Click HERE to read about Campaign Contributions Limits in PA and then click HERE to

        call or email your state senator/representative to ask them to support the idea.

Take Action: Monthly 'Fix Our Democracy Now' Ideas!
The Fair Elections Now Act would make it possible for regular citizens to run for national office without making deals with the big money interests. Click HERE and 
HERE for a video and info about the Fair Elections Now Act. 

Also, there are several other plans to get the money out of politics with a public financing plan and lobbying rules . Here are some of them:

* The Government By the People Act - Public Campaign Financing - HERE!
* The American Anti- Corruption Act - HERE!
* Democracy is for People Plan - Citizens United Amendment - HEREHERE!
* Move to Amend - Citizens United Amendment - HERE!
* Millions to the Polls Plan - HERE!
* May Day PAC - HERE!