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July 2016 - The Brainwashing of My Dad

Program synopsis:
Filmmaker, Jen Senko, examines the rise of right-wing media through the lens of her father, whose immersion in it radicalized him and rocked the foundation of their family. She discovers this political phenomenon recurring in living rooms everywhere, and reveals the consequences conservative media has had on families and a nation.

Website and Trailer: - HERE!

* Welcome, Announcements and Introductions
* Joining us for the 'talk back' is Dr. Kate Raniere Assistant Professor of the Muhlenberg

       College Media and  Communications Dept.
* Article in NYT - Roger Ailes is Out as Head of Fox News - HERE!
* Mention the three (3) articles on the handouts.
* Quotes about the media - HERE and HERE!
* Show Film - 'The Brainwashing of My Dad' (88)

* Discuss - Who owns the airwaves and are they fair and accountable? HERE and HERE!
* Ask and discuss 'Where do you look for fair and independent news?' and 

                                 'How do you react when Fox News is on in a public location?'
* Take Action: Tell Congress to Defend FCC's Net Neutrality Rules - HERE!
* Take Action: Urge Congress to Support Public Media - HERE!

Related Videos:
* From Brave New Films - Outfoxed: Rupert Murdoch's War on Journalism - HERE! (77)
* Marty Kaplan on Why the Media Ignores Climate Change - HERE! (3+)

* Media Ownership Lesson - HERE! (9)
Video on Media Reform - HERE (4)

* Mark Crispin Miller on Media Reform - HERE! (28)
* John Pilger - War by Media and the Triumph of Propaganda - HERE! (25)
* Will New FCC Internet Regulations Strengthen Monopoly Control? - HERE! (15)
* Interactive map on how 4 companies have bought local TV Stations - HERE!

Stay Informed and Get Involved:

* Article - Our Media, Not Theirs: Building the U.S. media reform movement - HERE!
* Infographic on Media's Political Spin Cycle - HERE!
* Article - Why the Charter Merger is Bad News for the internet? - HERE!
* Article - War by Media and the Triumph of Propaganda - 

* Article - The Fall and Rise of Investigative Journalism - HERE!
* List of 15 Steps Toward Media Reform - HERE!
* Book - The New Media Monopoly - HERE for article and HERE for video.
* Book - America's Battle for Media Democracy by Victor Pickard (2014) - HERE!
* Books about the media from film director Jen Senko - HERE!

* Free Press Media Reform Action Guide - HERE!
* Free Press on Media Policy 101: What you need to know to change the media - HERE!

* Website - Free Press - HERE!
* Website - Save the Internet - HERE!
* Website - Protect My Public Media - HERE!

* Website - Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting (FAIR) - HERE!
* Website - Center for Media and Democracy - HERE!
* Website - International Consortium of Investigative Journalists - HERE!
* Website - Third World Traveler - HERE!

* Website - List of other Media Reform Groups - HERE!


July 2015 - Fed Up

Program Synopsis:

Narrated by Katie Couric, Fed Up blows the lid off everything we thought we knew about food and exercise, revealing a 30-year campaign by the food industry - aided by the U.S. government - to mislead and confuse the American public. Exposing the hidden truths contributing to one of the largest health epidemics in history, the film follows a group of families battling to lead healthier lives - and reveals why the conventional wisdom of "exercise and eat right" is not ringing true for millions of people struggling with diabetes, childhood obesity and other serious conditions. Included are interviews with the country's leading experts, which will change the way we eat forever.

* Welcome, Introductions and Upcoming Events!
* Comment on paragraph above on the food industry and the bottom line vs common good!

* Feature Film - 'Fed Up' (90m)
* Graphics that sums it up! - 
a. HERE  b. HERE  c. HERE
* Discussion of Fact Sheet  (HERE) and other handout information!
* Graphics on sugar in soda - a. HERE  b. HERE  c. HERE  d. HERE!

* Demonstration of #1 Food Fact!
* Discuss the Fed Up Challenge - HERE!
* Three things you can do:

     1. Support the Food and Water Watch petition to your elected official 
           about our right to know what's in our food. HERE!
     2. Learn more about and participate on Meatless Monday Campaign - HERE!

     3. Support the 'Protect Kids from Junk Food Marketing' Campaign - HERE!

Film Website and More: 
* Film Website - HERE!
* Movie Fact Sheet - HERE!
* Movie Resources Page - HERE!
* Film Trailer - HERE!
* Fed Up Challenge - HERE!
* Community Discussion Guide - HERE!
* Students Guide and Resources - HERE!

Related Videos:
* Why Nobody Know What's Really Going Into Your Food - HERE! (3)
* How sugar affects the brain! - HERE! (5)
* Sugar: Hidden in plain sight! - HERE! (4)
* Comment about Fed Up - HERE! (18)

* Democracy Now interview on 'Foodopoly' book - HERE! (14)
* The Problem with Corporate Agriculture - HERE! (7)
* The Truth About Food - HERE! (59)
* Teach Every Child About Food - HERE! (21)
* The Weight of the Nation: Healthy Food and Obesity Prevention - HERE! (31)

Film Fact Sheet:
1. A 20-ounce bottle of soda contains the equivalent of approximately 17 teaspoons of sugar.
2. In the United States, it is estimated that 93 million Americans are affected by obesity.
3. One soda a day increased a child's chance of obesity by 60%.

4. Latino children see 49 percent more television ads on Spanish-language television for
         sugary drinks and energy drinks compared with their White counterparts.
5. Individuals who drink one to two sugar-sweetened beverages per day have a 26 percent

         higher risk for developing type II diabetes.
6. Kids watch an average of 4000 food-related ads every year (10 day).
7. 98% of food related ads that children view (3920/year) are for products high in fat, sugar,
8. There is overwhelming evidence of the link between obesity and the consumption of 
         sweetened beverages, such as soft drinks, energy drinks, sweet teas, and sports drinks.
9. In 2012, Americans consumed an average of 765 grams of sugar every 5 days, or 130
         pounds each year.
10. More than 9 million adolescents (children and teens 6-19 years old) are considered
11. It will take a 110-pound child 75 minutes of bike riding to burn off the calories in one 
         20-ounce bottle of soda.
12. One in five black children ages 2 to 19 is obese, compared with approximately one in 
         seven white children.
13. Almost 45 percent of overweight or obese children ages 10 to 17 are poor.

Ideas to Stay Informed, Get Involved, and Take Action on this issue!

Stay Informed: Articles and Books
* Articles - FDA Proposes Adding Sugar Guide to Food - HERE and HERE!

* Article - 
30 Healthy Food Habits To Share With Your Kids - HERE!
* Article - Documentary: "Fed Up" with rising childhood obesity - HERE!
* Article - Only Agroecology Can Tackle the Global Food and Health Crisis - HERE!
* Article - Four Decades of the Wrong Dietary Advice - HERE!

* Newsletter - Alliance for Democracy on Food Issues - HERE

* Book - Foodopoly: The Battle Over the Future of Food and 
                   Farming in America - HERE! (10)
* Occucards on Monsanto - HERE

Get Involved: Websites for groups that are active on this issue!
*  Food and Water Watch - HERE!  
Pa Food and Water Watch - HERE!
*  Alliance for a Healthier Generation - HERE!

*  Center for a New America - HERE!
*  The Monday Campaigns - HERE!
*  Allergy Kids Foundation - HERE!
*  James Beard Foundation - HERE!
*  Center for Science in the Public Interest - HERE!
*  National Farm to School Network - HERE!
*  The Small Planet Institute - HERE!
*  The Lexicon of Sustainability - HERE!

Take Action: Things you can do!
1. Food and Water Watch petition to your elected official about our right to know what's in our food. HERE!
2. Learn more about and participate on Meatless Monday Campaign - HERE!

3. Support the 'Protect Kids from Junk Food Marketing' Campaign - HERE!


July 2014 - Park Avenue: Money, Power, and the American Dream

Synopsis of program:
Academy Award-winning filmmaker Alex Gibney (Taxi to the Dark Side, Enron: The Smartest Guys in the Room) presents his take on the gap between rich and poor Americans in Park Avenue: Money Power, and the American Dream. Gibney contends that America's richest citizens have "rigged the game in their favor," and created unprecedented inequality in the United States.

Program Videos:

1. Park Avenue: Money, Power, and the American Dream -HERE! (54)
2. Bill Moyers Essay: America's Mad Dash Toward Oligarchy - HERE! (3)
3. Poverty and Welfare in America - HERE! (14)
4. Something Everyone Should Know on Tax Day - HERE! (3) 
5. Interactive Map of Congressional Districts Poverty and Working Poor Statistic - HERE!
6. Latest 'Too Much' newsletter from Inequality.org - HERE!

Other Related Videos:

1. John Oliver on Economic Inequality - HERE! (14) (some strong language)
2. Homeless in High Tech's Shadow - 
HERE! (8)

3. The End of Poverty -HERE! (104)
4. The Line - HERE! (44)
5. War on Poverty - 50 Years Later - HERE! (12)
6. Time for a New War on Poverty - HERE! (11)  

Ideas to Stay Informed, Get Involved, and Take Action on this issue!

Stay Informed: Articles and Books!

* Article - 'Poverty in Ameica: Why Can't We End It?' - 
* Article - '11 Facts About Education and Poverty in America' - HERE!
* Article - 'Wikipedia on Poverty' - HERE!
* Article - 'The War on Poverty at 50' - HERE!
* Article - 'Why We Need a New War on Poverty' -HERE!
* Article - 'Corporate Welfare and the Minimum Wage' - HERE!
* Article - 'The United States of Poverty and Inequality' - HERE!
* Article - An Idiot's Guide to Inequality - HERE!  

Book - 'The Divide: American Injustice in the Age of the Wealth Gap' by Matt Taibbi -              Click HERE for interview.
* Book - 'The Rich and The Rest of Us: A Poverty Manisfesto' by Travis Smiley and 

     Cornell West - Click HERE for interiew.
* Book - Growing Apart: A Political History of American Inequality - HERE!
* Book - Imagine: Living in A Socialist USA - C-Span book discussion - HERE!
* Book - All the President' Bankers by Nomi Prins - Democracy Now interview - HERE

* Living Wage Calculator - HERE!

Get Involved: Websites of groups that are active on this issue!

* Inquality.org (weekly 'Too Much' newsletter) - HERE!             
* Citizens for Tax Justice (daily blog) - HERE!
* Why Poverty? website - HERE!
* United for a Fair Economy - HERE!                                                          
* Jobs with Justice - HERE!
* Americans for Financial Reform - HERE!
* Wealth for the Common Good - HERE!
* PA Budget and Policy Center - HERE!
* The End of Poverty Film website - HERE!
* One Campaign - HERE!
* American Poverty - HERE!
* National Center for Children in Poverty - HERE!
* Catholic Charities USA - HERE!
* National Center for Law and Economic Justice - HERE!

* Feeding America - HERE!
* New Priorities Network - HERE!
* War on Want - HERE!

Take Action: Things You Can Do Now!

1. Support progressive tax and economic policies with national officials - HERE!
2. Call Congress and the Whitehouse about economic inequality - HERE!

Take Action: Legislation and Petitions You Can Support or Oppose!

1. Sign the 'End Poverty Petition' - HERE!
2. Sign Petition to end poverty for mothers and children - HERE!

Take Action: Monthly 'Fix Our Democracy Now' Ideas!

The 'Fix Our Democracy Now' issue for this month is on why we should elect our president with a national popular vote. Click HERE for info.