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April 2017

Film Synopsis:
The film explores the "intersection of race, justice, and mass incarceration in the United States."  It is titled after the Thirteenth Amendment to the United States Constitution, which freed the slaves and prohibited slavery (unless as punishment for a crime.

Film Website - HERE   and    Trailer  - HERE

Welcome,  Announcements and Introduction
* Thanks to Jude-Laure Denis from POWER Northeast and Jim Palmquist from ACLU of Lehigh Valley for their support of this program.
* Joining us tonight will be Shanita Hubbard, Prof of Criminal Justice at Northampton CC and Hasshan Batts, director of Allentown Promise Neighborhood

*  Video - Documentary '13th
*  Video - I Trust You (3)

Related Videos

* Video - Democracy Now with Ave Duvernay
* Chart - Incarceration numbers from 1920 until 2010

Stay Informed and Get Involved

* Article - What It's Like to Be Black in the Criminal Justice System
* Facebook - POWER Northeast

* Website - ACLU of the Lehigh Valley
* Facebook - Showing Up for Racial Justice


April 2016 - Making a Killing: Guns, Greed and the NRA

Film Synopsis 

- This film tells the stories of how guns, and the billions made off of them, affect the lives of everyday Americans. It features personal stories from people across the country who have been affected by gun violence, including survivors and victims families. The film exposes how the powerful gun companies and the NRA are resisting responsible legislation for the sake of profit - thereby putting people in danger.

This film looks into gun tragedies that include unintentional shootings, domestic violence, suicides, mass shootings, and trafficking - and what we can do to put an end to this profit-driven crisis. Through this film and campaign, Brave New Films will work with partners to fight for a country where public safety is more valued than profit.

Film Website and Trailer: - HERE!   Action Guide: - HERE!

* Welcome, Announcements and Introductions
* Introduce Fritz Walker and Barbara Diamond - Friends of CeaseFirePa in Lehigh Valley
* DVD - Brave New Films presents 'Making a Killing: Guns, Greed, and the NRA' (74)
* Discussion with Fritz and Barbara about creating a community safe from gun violence.
* Slide show - (available from Fritz at walkrfh@gmail.com
* Take Action - May 16th Bus to Harrisburg Rally at the Rotunda - HERE!

* Take Action - Call your PA elected officials (HERE) and support HB 1010 and SB 1049 which will close the PA long gun loophole for background checks.

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* Graphics - HERE and HERE!
* Video on USA gun ownership and gun violence statistics - HERE (2)
* Documentary 'Armor of Light' will be shown on PBS on May 10, 2016. Click HERE for info.

What They Left Behind - HERE! (34)
* Guns and gun violence in Israel and Switzerland - HERE! (5)
* Gun Violence: Finding Solutions - HERE! (8)
* Discussion with author of 'Reducing Gun Violence in America' - HERE (28)

* Song - Not Again - HERE!

Stay Informed and Get Involved and Take Action
* Article - America's Deadly Gun Addiction, By the Numbers - HERE!
* Rolling Stone Articles - HERE!
* Resource - Map of gun violence in your neighborhood? - HERE!
* Resource - Center for American Progress fact sheets and more - HERE!
* Book - 'Reducing Gun Violence in America' - C-Span Discussion - HERE!
* Everytown for Gun Safety - HERE!

* CeaseFirePa - HERE!
* Brady Campaign - HERE!
* Americans for Responsible Solutions - HERE!

* Law Center to Prevent Gun Violence - HERE!
* Take Action - Call your PA elected official (HERE) and support HB1010 and SB 1049 which will close the PA long gun loophole for background checks.


April 2015 - A Fierce Green Fire Battle for a Living Planet

Program Synopsis

Of the many challenges facing mankind in the 21st century, perhaps none are as crucial and pervasive as those posed by the current environmental crises. This film is an exploration of the environmental movement - grassroots and global activism spanning fifty years from conservation to climate change. It chronicles the largest movement of the 20th century and one of the keys to the 21st. It brings together all the major parts of environmentalism and connects them. It focuses on activism, people fighting to save their homes, their lives, their future - and succeeding against all odds.

Film Website:
 A Fierce Green Fire - HERE! and Trailer HERE!


* Welcome and Introductions!

* Quotes about concern for the environment - 
      a. HERE   b. HERE   c. HERE   d. HERE   e. HERE   fHERE   g. HERE!
* The Sun by Mary Oliver - video HERE! (1m) and words HERE!
* Feature DVD - "A Fierce Green Fire: Battle for a Living Planet" (56m)
* Call to Action Quotes - a. HERE    b. HERE    c. HERE   d. HERE!
* Homework: From the article "50 Ways to Help the Planet (HERE) pick your top 5 ideas
     (my picks are 8, 14, 21, 22, 40)
* Quote about casting our vote with our money - HERE!
   Discuss practical ways to do this.

     1. Change your electric generation to a totally renewable source! U. S. 2013 Electric
          Generation by Type - HERE! Click HERE to change to renewables! (Sheila Gallagher)
     2. Buy Fresh Buy Local - HERE! Local markets and restaurants or chains!
     3. Buy reusable shopping bags and stop using plastic bags!
     4. Divest of fossil fuels in personal accounts and your organizations. - HERE!
     5. Use socially responsible investing. HERE!

     6. 'Move Your Money' from 'big corporate' banks to a local credit union. Click HERE!
     7. Other ?
* Give Earth A Hand - HERE! (2m) Support local Earth Day activities mentioned earlier!
* Earth Day Song - HERE! (1m)
* Quote about protecting the Earth Today for Our Children's Tomorrow! - HERE!

Related Videos:

*  Bill Moyers Segment on What's Possible - HERE! (12)
*  Paul Hawken: Up to Us! - HERE! (5)
*  Sustainability: told as a Children's Fairy Tale - HERE! (2)
*  5 Human Impacts on the Ecosystem - HERE! (11)

*  Gus Speth on Environmentalism - HERE! (6)
*  History of Environmentalism - HERE! (8)
*  Environmental Documentary - HERE! (10)
*  TED Talks on the Environment - HERE

*  The Story of Solutions - HERE (9)
*  The Story of Stuff - HERE (21)

Ideas to Stay Informed, Get Involved, and Take Action on this issue!

Stay Informed: Articles and Books

* Article - The 5 Best Environmental Books of All Time - HERE!
* Article - 10 Ways to Give Without Buying Stuff - HERE!
* Article - California is First State to Outlaw Single-Use Plastic Shopping Bags - HERE!

* Article - Energy Revolution: Nearly 100% Renewable is Doable, says Report - HERE!
* Article - 90 Companies Produced Two-Thirds of All Global Warming Emissions - HERE!

* Friends of the Earth Fact sheets - HERE!
* Friends of the Earth Newsmagazine - HERE!
* NRDC - 7 Priority Issues - HERE!
* NRDC - Fact Sheets - HERE!
* New Study on Threat Posed to Parks and Forests by Fracking - HERE!

* Booklet "The Sylvanian" on ECO ABC's from PA Sierra Club for winter of 2015 - HERE!
* Book - Enough is Enough: Building a Sustainable Economy in a World of Finite 
                     Resources - HERE!
* Webinar - Community Solar 101 - HERE!

* Book - Sustainable Happiness: Live Simply, Live Well, Make a Difference - HERE!
* Occucards - HERE - Climate Change -Peak Oil - Tar Sands - Fracking - Monsanto!

Get Involved: Websites of groups working on this issue!

* Sierra Club - HERE! PA Sierra Club - HERE! Lehigh Valley Sierra Club - HERE!
* Food and Water Watch - HERE!  Pa Food and Water Watch - HERE!
* Citizens Climate Lobby - HERE! Citizens Climate Lobby Lehigh Valley - HERE!
* Nurture Nature Center - HERE!
* Delaware Riverkeeper Network - HERE!

* Penn Environment - HERE!
* Natural Resources Defense Council - HERE!

* Environmental Defense Fund - HERE!
* Friends of the Earth - HERE!
* Greenpeace - HERE!
* Earth Day Network - HERE!
* World Environment Day - HERE!
* One With the Earth - HERE!

* Important websites supporting the common good! - HERE!

Take Action: Things you can do!

1. Change your electric to renewable sources - HERE!
2. Earth Day Petition to Save the Planet - HERE!

3. Tell Congress to fund Environmental Education- HERE!

Other current campaigns:

1. Tell Congress: Don't Sell Out Net Neutrality- HERE!
2. Join the Global Fight-Back Against Fast Track of the Trans Pacific Partnership! - HERE!3. Click HERE to support Food and Water Watch action to reject HR 4432 which would ban GMO labeling in USA.
4. Click HERE to support the Natural Resources Defense Council work to improve the Clean Water Act.
5. Click HERE for 350.org Petition to Gates and Wellcome Trust Foundations to divest from fossil fuels.


April 2014 - Groundswell Rising on Fracking

Film Synopsis:
Groundswell Rising, Protecting Our Children's Air and Water brings us into the lives of people from all walks of life and all sides of the political spectrum who are dedicating themselves to resisting, slowing down or stopping fracking. We meet parents, scientists, artists, teachers, clergy, community organizers and business leaders who are convinced that this unproven form of gas extraction is a serious health and environmental risk. Driven by a deep moral conviction, we see how they are standing up to one of the world's most powerful industries. The film takes us back to the groundswell of the past such as civil right movement, women's rights, the de-normalization of cigarette smoking, and the environmental movement, for connection and inspiration.

Film Testimonials:
"Besides the incredible information on fracking's detriment to our health, it is also a great look into what it is like to live in a town with fracking in the backyard. This film should be watched by everyone on the side of industry and those considering leasing their land to the gas companies. Plan and simple, it's the human side of this debate". - Mark Ruffalo

"Goundswell Rising provides such a good balance of the stories of impacts and the victories of average people who took on the industry and government and won that it leaves you feeling hopeful and rarin' to go. Can't wait to start showing it". Karen Feridun, Berks Gas Truth

"Your film blew me away. It was spot on, and I loved it while sobbing through half of it. Your film is so professionally done, so hard hitting, so scientifically well researched. It is a primer for people to organize around, who find that their towns are being stolen and their children's health compromised". - Liberty Godshall

Film Trailer:
 - HERE!

Film Website: - HERE!

Ideas to Stay Informed, Get Involved, and Take Action:

Stay Informed: Articles, Videos, and Books!

1. Article - "Third Report in Three Days Shows Scale of Fracking Perils" - HERE!
2. Article - "Dear Fossil Fuel Industry: Its Over" - HERE!
3. Video - Green Our Cities (1) - HERE!

4. Song - The Fracking Song - HERE!
5. Song - Pete Seeger 'To my old brown Earth' - HERE!

5. Song - Don't Frack My Mother Song - HERE!
6. Video -Fracking: Things Find a Way - HERE!
7. Video - Meet the Singing Anti-Fracking Nuns - HERE!
8. Gas Truth Video page - HERE!
9. Video - Fracking with Dr. Ingraffea - HERE!    

10. Book - 'Fracking Pennsylvania: Flirting with Disaster' by Walter Brasch - HERE!
11. Earthworks Report - Blackout in the Gas Patch: How Pennsylvania Residents are Left in the Dark on Health and Enforcement - HERE

Get Involved: Websites of groups that are active on this issue!

Berks Gas Truth (newsletter and updates) - HERE!
Lehigh Valley Gas Truth on Facebook - HERE!

Food and Water Watch - HERE!
Sierra Club - Lehigh Valley Chapter - HERE!

Natural Resources Defense Council - HERE!
Penn Environment - HERE!
Stop the Frack Attack - HERE!
Americans Against Fracking - HERE!
Protecting Our Waters - HERE!
PA Voters Against Fracking on Facebook - HERE!
350.org - HERE!
Earth Day Network - HERE!
More groups from the film website - HERE!

Take Action:
 Legislation and Petitions You Can Support or Oppose!

1. Drilling does not belong in our parks and forests - HERE!
2. Update on PA state bills on fracking - HERE!