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March 2017

Film Synopsis:
An investigative journalist,Hedrick Smith, explores the cause of economic disparity in the United States, its effects, and what we can do to correct our course as a country. In the earlier half of the 20th century, workforce productivity and median hourly wages increased equally. In the 1970's everything began to change as economic growth was channeled toward the 1%.

Handout, Announcements and Introductions
* Barry Kauffman - former Executive Director of Common Cause PA
* Ted Morgan - retired Lehigh University Professor of Political Science
Video on Economic Inequality (6)
Chart on Economic Inequality -1947-1979
TED Talk - Can we heal our great divide? with Hedrick Smith (23)

* How we can restore democracy and reduce inequality in America? (reactions to videos)
* How do we move closer to 'a democracy with fairness and justice 4 all' in American and especially in Pennsylvania? What are the key reforms that are necessary?

* Discuss the article on back of handout! (Where We Go From Here: 5 Key Ways to Build a
       Movement) and 10-Point Plan listed below.
Quote - Herman Goering !
Quote - Don't Agonize, Organize! 
Quote - Go Forth and Multiply!

Stay Informed and Get Involved:
Website - Reclaim the American Dream
- Common Cause PA

Website - Fair Districts PA (play video)
Website - Good Government PA
Article - 10-Point plan to stop Trump and make gains in justice and equality
Book - Viking Economics: How the Scandinavians got it right and how we can, too.

Video - Economics: How Scandinavia Got It Right (11)
Articles - Trump Era Strategies
Article - Norway Ranks World's Happiest Country - US Ranks 14th


March 2016 - Fix It: Healthcare at the Tipping Point

Film Synopsis -
The film was two years in the making, with more than forty voices advocating for reform, including: activists, health policy experts, economists, physicians, nurses, patient, business and labor leaders. It takes an in-depth look info how our dysfunctional health care system is damaging our economy, suffocating our businesses, discouraging physicians and negatively impacting on the nation's health, while remaining un-affordable for a third of our citizens.

Film Website - HERE!     Film Trailer - HERE!

* Welcome, Announcements and Introductions

* Introduce Vincent Mondillo (Director/Producer) of 'Fix It' and Dr. Chuck Pennacchio, who        is the Executive Director Emeritus of Healthcare 4 All PA and featured in the film.
* Since Medicare for All Healthcare has been a big point of debate in the presidential
      election, we are very excited to present this film about healthcare and have these two
      knowledgeable people participating.     
* Show the DVD (54)
* Discuss Fix It No Hassle Healthcare Brochure - HERE!
* Newsletter Signup -HERE!

* Take Action - Tell PA and National Elected Officials you support a single payer healthcare system (HB 1688 in PA and HB 676 in USA) - Click HERE for elected officials contact info.

Related Videos
* Robert Reich on Medicare for All - HERE! (2)
* Bernie Sanders on Medicare for All - HERE! (3)
* Frontline on Sick Around the World - HERE! (preview) (3)  HERE! (full show) (56)
* Thom Hartmann interview with Dr. Friedman on Medicare for All - HERE! (9)
* Making the case for Medicare for All - HERE! (6)

* Ted Kennedy on healthcare - HERE! (1)
* Why is US healthcare so expensive? - HERE! (3)

Stay Informed and Get Involved and Take Action

* Fix It No Hassle Healthcare Brochure - HERE!
* What is Single Payer Healthcare? - HERE!
* National Legislation Medicare for All (HR676) Bill Info - HERE!
* PA Legislation (HB1688) Info - 
* Quote of the Day on Healthcare - HERE!
* Book - Deadly Spin: An Insider Speaks Out by Wendell Potter - HERE!

* Website - Physicians for a National Health Program - HERE!
* Website - National Nurses United - HERE!
* Website - Healthcare Now - HERE!
* Website - Healthcare 4 All PA - HERE!
* Take Action - Tell PA and National Elected Officials you support a single payer 
healthcare system( HB 1688 in PA and HB 676 in USA) - Click HERE for contact info. 


March 2015 - Park Avenue: Money, Power, and the American Dream

Film Synopsis
Academy Award-winning filmmaker Alex Gibney (
Taxi to the Dark Side, Enron: The Smartest Guys in the Room) presents his take on the gap between rich and poor Americans in Park Avenue: Money Power, and the American Dream. Gibney contends that America's richest citizens have "rigged the game in their favor," and created unprecedented inequality in the United States.

Film Trailer: - HERE!

Film Website: - HERE!


*  Wecome and Introduction
*  Justice Brandeis quote - HERE!
*  Video on wealth inequality in America - 
HERE (2)
*  How unequal is it? HERE and HERE are two examples!
*  Has it always been this unequal? - HERE is a chart that says no!
*  Park Avenue: Money, Power, and the American Dream - HERE! (58)
*  Lawrence Lessig TED Talk on money in politics and solutions - HERE! (18)
*  Justice Brandeis quote - HERE! and Bill Moyers quote HERE!

Program Related Videos
*  Wealth Inequality in America - HERE (6)
*  Global Wealth Inequality - HERE! (4)
*  Capitalism vs Democracy - 
HERE (2)
*  Great Explanation of the TPP trade issue - HERE! (3)
*  Seven Biggest Economic Lies - HERE! (3)

*  Bill Moyers Essay: America's Mad Dash Toward Oligarchy - HERE! (3)
*  Poverty and Welfare in America - HERE! (14)
*  Something Everyone Should Know on Tax Day - HERE! (3)

Economic Inequality Statistics
1. 80 richest people (was 85) in the world have more wealth than the bottom 3.5 billion.
2. CEO of Walmart make in one hour what the average employee makes in one year!
3. In 2010, 93 % of all new income went to the top 1%!
4. Graphic on PA Economic Gains for the 1% vs the 99% since 1979 - HERE!
5. Chart on PA State and Local Taxes by income in 2015 - HERE!

Suggestions to Fight the Corruption of Money in Politics
1. Disclosure and Transparency
     * Center for Responsive Politics Ideas (Open Secrets) - HERE!
     * Sunlight Foundation Ideas - HERE!

     * National Institute on Money in State Politics - HERE!
     * Brennan Center for Justice Ideas - HERE!
2. Lobbying and Ethics Rules

     * The American Anti-Corruption Act Ideas - HERE!
     * Center for Responsive Politics Ideas (Open Secrets) - HERE!

     * Sunlight Foundation Ideas - HERE!
     * Public Citizen Idea - HERE!
3. Public Financing of Elections

     * Fair Election Now Act  - HERE!
     * Government By the People Act  - HERE!
     * Empowering Small Donors - HERE!
4. Voting and Election Reforms
     * Register yourself and encourage others to register and vote - HERE!
     * The Case for Voter Registration Modernization - HERE!
     * How to Fix the Voting System - HERE!

     * Center for Voting and Democracy Reforms (FairVote) - HERE!
     * Voter Bill of Rights - HERE

Ideas to Stay Informed, Get Involved, and Take Action!

Stay Informed: Articles and Books!

PA info

* Article - Pa.'s Tax System Grows More Regressive - HERE!
* Article - A Wage-Less and Income-Less Recovery for PA - HERE!

* Better Choices Coalition's 2015 PA Tax Fairness Campaign - HERE

National Info

* Article - Brennan Center for Justice report on Political Opportunity: 
                      A New Framework for Democratic Reform - HERE!
* Article - 'The United States of Poverty and Inequality' - HERE!
* Article - U.S. Income Inequality: It's Worse Today Than It Was in 1774 - HERE!
* Article - US Is an Oligarchy Not a Democracy says Scientific Study - HERE!
* Article - Why the 99 Percent Keeps Losing - HERE!
* Newsletters of Alliance for Democracy on Money in Democracy - HERE, HERE, & HERE!

* Book - Winner-Take-All Politics by Hacker and Pierson. Click HERE for author interview.
* Tax Fairness Booklet - HERE!
Books on Inequality - HERE!
* Occucard (HERE): Corporate PersonhoodMonetary System, Public Banks, TPP, etc

Get Involved: Websites of groups that are active on this issue!

Fix the Political System

* American Anti-Corruption Act - HERE!
* Issue One: Fix Democracy First - HERE!
* Every Voice - HERE!

* Center for Responsive Politics (Open Secrets) - HERE!
* Sunlight Foundation - HERE!
* Brennan Center for Justice on Reform - HERE!
* Democracy 21 - HERE!
* Fix the Senate Now - HERE!

* Democracy Matters - HERE!
* National League of Women Voters on Reforming Money in Politics - HERE!

Public Funded Elections Ideas

* Public Campaign - HERE!
* Fair Elections Now Act - HERE!

* Government By the People Act - HERE!
* Review and history of public funded elections - HERE - HERE!

PA State Ideas

* PA Budget and Policy Center - HERE!
* Keystone Research Center - HERE!

* Better Choices for PA Coalition - HERE!
* Common Cause Pennsylvania - HERE!

Fix the Escalating Inequality

* Inquality.org  - 
* Monthly 'Too Much' Newsletter - HERE!
* Capital and Main - HERE! Robert Reich video intro - HERE!

* Citizens for Tax Justice  - HERE!
* Jobs with Justice - HERE!
* Americans for Financial Reform - HERE!
* United for A Fair Economy - HERE!
* Economic Policy Institute - HERE!

Common Good

* Resource Generation - HERE!
* Wealth for the Common Good - HERE!
* Important websites supporting the common good! - HERE!

Take Action: Things we can do!

1. Tell Congress: Don't Sell Out Net Neutrality- HERE!
2. Join the Global Fight-Back Against Fast Track of the Trans Pacific Partnership! - HERE!
3. Call your representative to oppose HR 412 and HR 195 which would eliminate public funding system in presidential elections and the Election Assistance Commission - HERE for info.

4. Ask President Obama to fight for Disclosure for corporations that do business with the government - HERE!
5. Tell President Obama to Veto Bills that Would Roll Back Consumer, Environmental, Financial, Health and Safety, Voting and Workplace Protections - HERE!

6. Tell the SEC to Disclose the Corporate Agenda of Activist CEOs - HERE!
7. Read about the "Stop Tax Haven Abuse Act" HERE and support it - HERE!

Upcoming Events
Go to Lehigh Valley Events Calendar - HERE!


March 2014 - Monsanto and Labeling GMO's

Synopsis of program:

Using 5 short videos, we look at
 treatment of farmers by Monsanto and other large agribusinesses; coverage of the 2013 March on Monsanto; and the GMO food labeling debate. Joining us for discussion are Karen Stark (GMO Free PA) and Mary Ann Bennett (GMO Free PA - LV chapter). 

Links to the videos used:

1. CCN Tells the Story of Monsanto in Seven Minutes - HERE! (7)
2. Democracy Now interviews Percy Schmeiser on his David vs Monsanto battle - HERE!
3. Vandana Shiva speaks about the March against Monsanto - HERE!
4. Why GMO Foods Should Be Labelsed - HERE! (13)

Ideas to Stay Informed, Get Involved, and Take Action on this issue!

Stay Informed: Articles, Videos, and Books!
* Article - Chile Derails "Monsanto Law" That Would Privatize Seeds - HERE!
* Article - Vandan Shiva - GMO: The Biggest Food Con - HERE!* Article - Hybrid Seeds vs GMOs - HERE!
* Video - Genetic Roulette: The Gamble of Our Lives (56) - HERE!
* Video - Genetically Modified Organism (GMO): Myths and Truths (7) - HERE!

* Video - Seeds of Death: Unveiling the Lies of GMO's - (79) - HERE!
* Book - Seeds of Deception by Jeffrey Smith - HERE!
* Books - Good Food World Book List - HERE!
* Book - The Imperial Messenger: Thomas Friedman at Work - HERE!

Get Involved: Websites of groups that are active on this issue!

GMO Free Pa (monthly newsletter and updates) - HERE!             
Union of Concerned Scientists (Food/Agriculture page) - HERE!
Insitute for Responsible Technology - HERE!
Rodale Institute - HERE!
Buy Fresh Buy Local PA - Lehigh Valley (Farmers Markets) - HERE!
Just Label It (graphic of other countries who label) - HERE!
Food and Water Watch - HERE

Take Action: Legislation and Petitions You Can Support or Oppose!

1. PA bills on GMOs - HERE!
2. Petition USDA to Prioritize Healthy Food - HERE!
3. Petition Congress to Label GMOs - HERE!